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The Perfect Fit
A Different Way of Thinking to get the results you’re looking for…

Hello, and welcome to Plan ‘B’
This is where people prepared to think differently can make
massive improvements to their careers and lifestyle.

To summaries:
Plan ‘B’ is all about:
Developing Residual Income

All without affecting your current income or occupation.

During these financially stressful times it is dangerous to rest on your laurels.
Many professionals are looking for a new way to earn a secure income.
Residual income is the perfect fit!

‘A way of doing a job Once’

and being paid over and over, month after month, year after year. That’s called working Smart!
A little like an author or recording artist. An author writes a book just once and is paid over and over every time someone purchase’s that book! The recording artist records a record just once and is paid every time someone purchases the record, plays it on the radio or uses it as a sound track even decades later,

“There is a way”

A Modern Day Way – The Professionals Way!
No matter what level of success you aspire to.

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‘The Perfect Fit’
‘It can set you apart and ahead of 90% of the UK population’

Your mind is like a parachute, it only works when it’s open.
Take a closer look after all it’s your future we’re talking about.
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“No, no we’ve always done it this way”
But, we can’t lose! – ‘It’s Plan B’s – The Perfect Fit’
A different way of thinking to get the results you are looking for.